Problems Companies outsource to an MSP

Major Problems Companies Outsource to an MSP

The beauty of using a managed services provider (MSP) is that you can contract them to solve the specific technology problems facing your business. Every organization’s needs differs, as do the capability of their existing IT department, so getting the right help is key. These are some of the major problems companies outsource to an MSP.


Video conferencing and display units around a large facility look set to be the biggest area of technical headaches even in a post-pandemic era, particularly as more businesses adopt a hybrid model blending in-person and remote working. Choosing, installing and organizing the right equipment in the right set-up can be a confusing and challenging project and getting it wrong at the outset can mean frustration and expense in the long run.

Backups/Disaster Recovery

Being able to recover files isn’t just a matter of direct cost, but also the potential loss of productivity while systems are out of action. The growing threat of ransomware can make system recovery a vital defense against the unenviable position of paying criminals. The risks of fire or flood are easy to underestimate if you rely on on-site backups. All of this comes alongside evolving data handling laws that set out how you must secure customer data against unauthorized access, alteration or destruction.


It’s not enough to simply install anti-malware security tools. You need to know how to keep them up to date and adapt to emerging threats. You need to get your staff on board to follow good security practices without compromising productivity. You also face the ongoing balance of taking advantage of increased connectivity and online services without increasing your exposure to security risks.

Network Consulting

Keeping your staff and data connected isn’t just about using the latest hardware and systems. It’s also about designing the right network architecture to meet your current needs efficiently while leaving scope for future expansion without suddenly hitting roadblocks. This also ties in with security issues: a well-designed network gives everyone the access they need, no more and no less.

Network Monitoring

The more complex your network becomes, the more risk of a particular piece of hardware or even a connection failing and bringing work to a halt. That’s even more of a challenge as remote working increases and your IT staff may not have easy physical access to every component. The best MSPs will not only provide the right tools for monitoring your network but show you the best way to use it.

Tech Support

Whatever hardware, software and networking your business uses, dealing with problems is still the biggest day-to-day challenge. The ideal support set-up is cost-effective but responsive, dealing with everything from human error to physical faults. It won’t just fix problems but will develop long-term solutions to reduce future glitches.

We hope that helped shed some light on major problems companies outsource to an MSP.  If you need help with these or any other technology areas, we’ll be happy to talk through our solutions and packages, so get in touch today.

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