CPI - Changing IT Environment

Making a Change to Your IT Environment? Keep This in Mind!

So you need to make a change in your IT environment? Change Management is a term that can apply to any area of business – all departments in a company will experience an impactful set of changes every few years. The key to ensuring success is through understanding how to manage a set of changes, or through hiring someone who knows how to do this for your organization.

In the IT industry, Change Management refers to how your IT department or provider will allow your infrastructure to continue to serve your employees and customers while the change occurs. Below are a few common change examples and how a solid IT provider might approach managing them:

Your systems need patches, updates or other routine fixes and changes.

This will be the case in every business setting until the end of time. All systems require updates, and as any technician will tell you, the risk is always there that something will break in the process. Your IT provider or department will already understand what can go wrong and what is likely to create delays. They will also be able to mitigate the impact of any issues to your business by updating after hours and having a plan in place for when something goes awry.

Someone on your IT staff quit and you need to hire someone new.

This is a normal part of doing business – people leave their job or you may even need to let someone go before having their replacement lined up. Who manages their job in the interim? Ideally you would have other staff members cross-trained, but there still may not be enough hours in the day. The best way to manage this change is to have a provider take over the tasks of that employee until you find someone new. Communication here is key as they will need to understand how your environment works and what they are responsible for covering. The provider will manage this position throughout the process of finding someone new by offering the same service and support as your ideal employee. Who knows? You may even want to keep them instead of finding a replacement!

You have decided to outsource all or part of your IT operations.

This change can be tough to manage because it typically means removing some staff members. A lock-out and takeover of the departing members’ workstations is usually a necessary part of this process. This change must be managed delicately and there should be a great deal of communication up front between your business and your new partner company. Your provider will manage this change by taking into account permissions and security as well as by already having an idea of your environment and how to maintain it. This can be a very smooth and painless process when executed by the right Managed Services provider.

These all sound fairly simple, but can be a lengthy and painful process if you hire the wrong provider to manage your changes. If you’re thinking ahead to future modifications to your IT environment, contact us. We have experience with it all – from simple equipment upgrades to full takeovers.