CPI - Network Cabling

Network Cabling for Your Business

Are you at the point of needing new network cabling for your business? Most cables last for many years, but there are a few situations in which you may need additional or new cables. While your IT department or network provider likely takes care of running and maintaining your complex system of network cables, you will need to address the financial and logistical components of additional or new cable runs.

Your business is growing in users.

With success typically comes growth and this has allowed you to hire more people to help run your business. With an influx of new employees, you may need more network cabling for your expanding IT environment. It is possible that your IT staff or technology services provider have configured your network to be able to add several users without needing to run more cabling or adding more ports. However, if your business is primed to add a significant amount of employees, you will likely need more cabling for expanding your network capacity and workforce.

Your business is growing in size.

Perhaps you have purchased a new building or taken advantage of nearby rental space to give your office more room and potentially additional staff. Your new space may already have cabling in place that works well for your company, but if not, you may need to run more cabling or reconfigure what is already there.

You built a new office.

If your organization has built a new structure, you will definitely need network cabling. A great cabling provider can help ensure that your network infrastructure is configured to accommodate the continued success of your business.

There has been significant damage to your current cabling infrastructure.

Network cables have long lives and typically do not need to be replaced for years unless there is an issue that causes damage. Rodents that chew cables, electrical fires, or even large amounts of water can cause irreparable harm to your cable infrastructure. In these cases, you will need to run new cabling to get your business back up and running as it should.

In each of these cases, it is best to have a provider do the job right the first time. With a strong cable infrastructure, you shouldn’t need to worry about it for several years. If your business is facing any of these situations, visit our network cabling page to learn more.