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CPI - Budgeting

A Common Business Mistake when Budgeting for the Year

When budgeting for the year, companies tend to neglect prospective technology expenses. Although it is a current necessity for running business, communicating with clients, and delivering services, a postpone in technology is due to poor planning. To alleviate the hassle

CPI - Network Security

Business Security Starts with End Users

Every business, regardless of size or industry, is vulnerable to a security breach. While your company must have IT systems in place that help protect your data from hackers, one of the best security measures you can take is to

CPI - Data Security

Protecting Your Enterprise with Advanced Threat Defense

Gone are the days when you could adequately protect your enterprise by installing a firewall, whether it was Cisco, Checkpoint, Juniper or other. Today the types of network threats have grown to include Denial of Service, Hijack, Spoof, Exploit, Password

Bring your own device strategy for data protection and security.

BYOD Brings Security Headaches

The influx of consumer owned devices into the enterprise environment has sparked data loss fears within many IT organizations. The concept of bring your own device – or BYOD - has gained momentum in the modern business world, with more