Examples of what the cloud is not

The Cloud Is NOT These 4 Things

The Cloud era is upon is and it’s not just a fad, but a completely new way of delivering and consuming data. The cloud makes it possible for IT service providers to deliver services more efficiently. It is important for businesses to understand the basics of the cloud since this technology is currently in use and will continue to gain popularity. You have more than likely been using cloud services in some way or another without even realizing it. Take a look at these 4 examples of what the cloud is not.

1. A Place or Location

Often times, people refer to the cloud as if it is a place. The reality is that cloud services can be anywhere, in your data center or in some remote location. The cloud makes it more cost-effective to store and access data and working with the right cloud services provider has many benefits.

2. Server Virtualization

Do not get cloud services confused with server virtualization because they are completely different. Server virtualization takes your physical servers and partitions it into several smaller servers, this does not create a private cloud environment. Some providers make it seem like they are providing a private cloud through virtualization but they are actually very different.

3. A Remote Island

The cloud is not a place that you store all data and remain unconnected. In-fact, there are many hybrid solutions that combine aspects of cloud services with on-premise functions which shows the inter-connectivity. Many companies are shifting to inter-operable multi-cloud environments, including companies like NASA.

4. A Hype or Fad

Cloud is not a hype or fad, and if you’ve heard otherwise, you  have been mislead. In-fact, this false information has slowed adoption of cloud services although its use is inevitable. It is no longer something of the future, but rather something of the now.

Businesses of all sizes are realizing the benefits of using cloud services, including faster, more reliable IT, reduced costs, and more efficient systems. From startup businesses to fortune 500 companies, all organizations can use the cloud and gain access to many more IT services. For more information or to speak with an cloud consultant about your business, reach out to us here

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