CPI - Staff Augmentation

The Missing Piece: Staff Augmentation

If you had the option to pay higher or lower costs for your business, which would you choose? It’s safe to assume that most people would prefer to spend less money if given the choice. Companies need to keep up with the growing demands of operating a successful business, which can be difficult while balancing costs at the same time.

As demands change and businesses strive to remain successful while improving operational productivity, technology initiatives generally rise. Since IT demands are not always static for each company, it is important to have a variety of skill sets and resources ready to handle projects as they come. While it can be very expensive to employ a full-time IT staff with all of the necessary skills and resources to accommodate a growing business, there are options available to supplement an IT department. Staff augmentation provides businesses access to additional human capital, resources, and skills on an “as-needed” basis.

According to ZaneBenefits, the cost of losing a full-time employee can be up to double their salary. The process of recruiting, training, and hiring adds up which can make it difficult to complete crucial projects when there is a skill gap among current employees. In this situation, the best option is to augment your staff to access the necessary skills and resources. Another benefit of augmentation is the ability to remain in control of a project rather than completely outsourcing it. Innovative companies are using staff augmentation to their advantage in order to excel their business in a strategic way.

Collaboration and Teamwork

An augmented staff promotes collaboration and teamwork. It is easier for an individual to adapt to a company’s culture than it would be for an outside company to align with your values. Your employees can work with the augmented staff to streamline projects, increase efficiency, and leverage resources. In addition, employees generally are more accepting of an augmented staff because they feel less threatened than if a company were to completely outsource their IT department.

Expedited Problem Resolution

A variety of experts complete projects more rapidly. Rather than searching for new employees or training current staff to be able to complete the job, staff augmentation provides quick access to resources that expedite project completion. When times are slow and costs are limited, staff augmentation allows the flexibility of cutting back on costs; without having to lay off employees.

Cost-Effective & Low-Impact

There are no long-term repercussions of staff augmentation. The flexible pay-as-you-go model benefits companies with changing needs so that there is no long-term commitment. You only pay for what you need at the time being to accomplish a certain goal or carry out a new initiative. Within your own terms, you can easily add or remove augmentation staff.

Projects get accomplished faster, more efficiently, and cost-effectively. Whether you have fluctuating demands, innovative projects, or lack the necessary expertise, staff augmentation provides a solution to improve operational productivity and accomplish more. If you are looking for a long-term solution, consider managed services as another alternative. To get started with staff augmentation, have a CPI representative contact you.

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