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The Power of Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) tools are everywhere now – the ability to pull large sets of data for analysis has helped companies to make better-informed decisions. Business Intelligence can help your organization make better hiring and payroll decisions, improve accounting processes, and even inform your marketing team on areas of focus that produce stronger leads.

There are several areas in which employing Business Intelligence can help to identify areas where more time and effort can be spent, leading to reduced costs and even higher revenues. In the area of payroll, data can be used to remain in compliance with government regulations and be more efficient with payroll processes and service to employees. Stephens Inc. has experienced success with reducing payroll costs by 50% simply by reducing the amount of processing time.

Xerox used its large data sets of employee information to predict qualities leading to attrition and lost productivity. This information helped them to build screenings for future candidates for their 48,700 call center jobs.

In sales, EUROPAGES SA used BI to quickly analyze site visitor information, leading them to be able to create personalized email campaigns in only a minute and saw an increase of 195% in visitor traffic. In addition to this impressive outcome, EUROPAGES SA has increased customer retention by 17% and registered 32% more members.

Finally, O2 Ireland used BI technologies to focus on its user base that was active on social media, totaling 65% of its customer base. O2 Ireland, part of Telefonica Europe, can use a CRM (Customer Relationship Management software) to focus on the large portion of their customer base that uses social media and analyze their behaviors for better customer engagement.

The infographic below provides examples of how these companies have utilized BI to drive better business results.

Business Intelligence (BI) Infographic

While there are many tools for your company to choose from, Microsoft SharePoint is one that offers several features that make it an ideal choice for most businesses. You may already be using SharePoint, and the transition to using this tool for your BI is an easy one. Likewise, getting started with SharePoint is also painless.

If you’re currently using any of these Microsoft tools: Office365, Excel, SharePoint, SQL Server, PowerPivot, Power View, and are looking to get the most out of your investment, then contact us. We’ll help your business increase ROI on the Microsoft tools that you already own while taking these tools to the next level to understand and make meaning out of your data.

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