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Top 4 Collaboration Solutions and Conferencing Technologies of 2017

Collaboration solutions improve efficiency in the workplace by streamlining communication and connecting employees in a more productive manner. Rather than filling an inbox with emails that need filtering, technology makes it easier to receive important information; without having to sort through hundreds of unread messages. Take a look at the following solutions and conferencing technologies that are improve the workplace and reduce overall costs.

Unified Communications Systems:

A UC system integrates communication technology and services within a workplace; making it easier for employees to collaborate and communicate. For example, the presence information displays if a colleague is available, in a meeting, busy, or away. This prevents wasting time on a phone call that will go straight to voicemail or messaging a co-worker when they are away from their desk. Unified communications also integrates with instant messaging systems, conferencing technologies, desktop sharing, and more.

Presentation Systems

From the audio visual components to the lighting in your conference room, presentation systems can be fully integrated and automated. Being able to control all aspects of your presentation through a single interface, allows for a smooth presentation and easy transition between presenters. Top companies are working with AV experts to have a custom conference room designed and installed.

Video Conferencing

Conferencing technologies make it possible to reduce travel costs by having virtual meetings. Video conferencing solutions accelerate the speed of businesses while facilitating a competitive advantage. With the right system, it can be easy to communicate and collaborate virtually. LifeSize provides software that eliminates complicated hardware and offers a simple, one-touch video conferencing solution.


From temperature to lighting to security, room automation consolidates control switches and on/off panels to a single interface that can be controlled remotely. After a team of AV solution experts design and implement a custom automation system in your office, you will benefit from reduced energy costs and simplified control of your systems. Automation has made its way throughout the office and can even improve the safety of your building.

Video conferencing greatly benefits businesses from reduced costs to increased productivity.  For more information about any of these collaboration solutions and conferencing technologies, reach out to us here to let us know how we can help.

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