Top Myths surrounding Managed IT Services

Top Myths Surrounding Managed IT Services

Have you considered outsourcing your IT operations to a Managed IT Services Provider?

Once you opened the conversation, you quickly closed it because of all the potential downsides, right? It’s possible that you made your decision to stay away from outsourcing based on common myths circulating in the business sphere. While it is smart to question all aspects of a huge business decision, we want to clear up a few misconceptions.

Managed IT Service Providers demand you get rid of all your IT staff.

The “all or nothing” myth may be the biggest one out there regarding Managed Services. The truth is that you do not have to outsource all parts of your IT operations. You can have a Managed Services contract that covers day-to-day management of your environment, leaving your current IT staff to focus on strategizing for new technology projects. They can also focus on how to make your company’s wish list for IT a reality. Retaining some or all of your current IT staff along with a Managed Services contract can be very beneficial to your company and your employees.

It is too expensive.

Yes, a managed services contract is going to cost thousands of dollars a year. It all depends on how large your company is. But, doesn’t your current staff cost that much? If you are considering outsourcing everything, it is likely that your managed services contract will cost less than your total spends on salaries, vacation time, and benefits for your IT staff. This is not a guarantee, but if you have at least one full-time staff member, your contract may cost around the same amount per year, all while providing you access to more specialized IT staff.

Only employees of your company will care about your systems.

This is a common myth rooted in fear – paying someone outside the company means that you will have an unfamiliar and uncaring person managing your environment, right? Actually, good MSPs understand the need to bring all staff up to speed on your IT environment. They will also hire good employees that will personally care about your systems and the success of your business. Your agreement with your MSP will include expectations of service based on your company’s goals and values. You can expect their employees to be just as invested in your systems as your own employees would.

You or someone you know tried it and it didn’t work.

Have you tried outsourcing your IT operations before? Perhaps you may have heard a horror story from another business owner. You may have had a negative experience, as plenty of businesses do. However, it is important to know that there are ways to evaluate potential Managed Services Providers so that you can avoid issues. Just because you have experienced an MSP that fell short of your expectations doesn’t mean that all of them will. Good Managed IT Services Providers exist and they are helping businesses like yours grow and maintain stable and effective IT environments.

To learn more about how these myths can be crushed with the right Managed IT Services Provider, contact us. We have provided IT management for various types of IT environments to businesses like yours.


  • Nice post, thanks for sharing this up here. Many people have this misconception that MSPs charge extra, while on the contrary, the charge you based on what you use. And security and IT maintenance doesn’t come dirt cheap anyway. So, it might be a bit on the high ens, but it’s not at all over-priced.

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