Audio Visual as a Service

Transform Your Office With Audio Visual as a Service

The last year has challenged our assumptions about how businesses have to work. Whether you’re planning a full return to the office, ongoing remote working or a hybrid model, videoconferencing and online meetings will play an increasing role in working life. At CPI, we know this can present some unique challenges, which is why we’ve developed an Audio Visual as a Service model. Here’s what you need to know.

The Benefits Of Audio-Visual Systems

Whether it’s an internal staff meeting or collaboration session, or a meeting with suppliers or customers, the idea of everyone gathering in the same physical space is feeling increasingly outdated. On the other hand, few businesses will actively choose to have all meetings take place entirely online.

The most flexible solution is a conference room or similar space with the technology to host meetings where some participants are in the room and others remotely connected. Ideally, everyone involved–whatever their location–can see everything that’s happening while still being able to access their own devices and share documents for collaboration. That’s where the conference room of the future comes in.

How Audio Visual as a Service Works

The Audio Visual as a Service model means you don’t have to buy, install or maintain audio-visual equipment. Instead, you pay a flat monthly fee and we’ll install the equipment, set it up, and take care of any technical problems. For most of our packages, you’re only committed to a three-year contract, so it’s an ideal way to adjust to short-term changes to your business needs.

The Cost Benefits

One of the key advantages of the Audio Visual as a Service model is that you don’t need to pay large amounts upfront. Not only do you not need to buy equipment, but you don’t have to worry about the cost or hassle of installation. We’ll take care of that using our expertise in getting things set up right first time, with minimal disruption.

Support And Maintenance

Dealing with either technical problems or hardware faults can be a big problem for many businesses. Even those with dedicated IT departments may lack staff with the specialist skills for audio visual equipment and networking. Our Audio Visual as a Service packages include proactive monitoring to catch faults early, full help desk support, and break-fix support that simply means we’ll sort out any problems.

What You Get From Audio Visual As A Service

The precise equipment we’ll supply depends on the package you choose, but they all include everything you need for a workspace combining in-person meeting and remote videoconferencing. You’ll get a dedicated PC, webcam equipment, a giant display, touch panel control and support for wireless content sharing. All the packages include installation, monitoring and support.

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