Managed Security Services features

What are the features of Managed Security Services?

The beauty of managed security services is that you can outsource as many or as few of your cybersecurity functions as you like. Which tasks are better to get outside help with and which work best in-house will depend on your specific business setup and needs. These are some of the features you should consider when deciding whether and how to use managed security services.

Emergency Fixes

While this would normally be the last line of defense, sometimes it’s easier to have outside professional help to deal with security incidents. This could involve removing malware, revoking access to an intruder on the network, and regaining access to compromised files.

Monitoring And Protection

A managed security services provider can source the best security tools for your business, often at a better price than if you subscribed or bought them directly from the vendor. They’ll also be able to install and configure the tools so you get maximum benefit. Many providers also offer round-the-clock monitoring that can detect any intrusion and flag suspicious activity.

Audits and Assessments

Whatever level of security you already have in place, a managed security services provider can give an independent, professional assessment. They’ll find any shortcomings and suggest the best way to fix them. This can include vulnerability assessments, a comprehensive survey of security features and configuration. It can also include approaches such as penetration testing that replicates the real tactics and thought processes of attackers, particularly the way they can combine multiple vulnerabilities to breach your systems.

Patch Management

Keeping software up to date is vital, particularly getting patches in place before attackers can exploit newly discovered vulnerabilities. However, installing updates and patches can be disruptive to your business. Many managed security services providers have specialized expertise and up-to-date insight to figure out the best timetable for installing updates. This often involves finding the perfect balance between prioritizing the most urgent updates and combining multiple patches to minimize downtime and system restarts.

Network Design

As your business expands, you may need to add more hardware, extend your networks, and rethink which staff have access to specific assets. This requires effective and efficient network design, both physically and digitally. A managed security services provider can find the best way to build upon your existing networks as well as determine when it’s time for a complete rebuild.


Alongside the various functions, perhaps the most important feature of any managed security services package is the pricing structure. The good news is that you have enough options to find a setup and cost that suits your budget and needs. Possibilities include per-incident pricing, a flat subscription fee, or pricing based on the number of employees or devices you want to be covered. The best option may depend on whether you expect your business to change size significantly in the coming years.

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