What is an Ethernet Cable

What is an Ethernet Cable?

In the age of WiFi, Ethernet cables may seem outdated, but the reality is that Ethernet cables are one of the most popular forms of network cables for wired networks. They connect various devices, such as computers and routers, within a local area network (LAN). Use different types of cables for different purposes. Keep reading to learn more about the limitations and types of cables as well as more information on “What is an Ethernet cable”.

Different types of Ethernet cables

You may have heard of CAT5 and CAT6 cables which use fifth generation of twisted pair and sixth generation of twisted pair respectively. Both types are pretty standard in the industry and you can use in both home and office environments. A crossover cables is used to connect two computers and is a special type of Ethernet cable. Its purpose is to connect two Ethernet devices to each other.

Ethernet Cable Limitations

Because the cables are not a wireless technology, it has physical limitations in terms of its length and maximum distance. Both CAT5 and CAT6 have a maximum length before attenuation occurs. Attenuation is signal loss that is directly affected by interference around the cables.

Cable Alternatives

If you don’t want to use physical cables, there are other methods of connecting network devices. WiFi and Bluetooth are two alternatives to the cables. Use both alternatives for home and business environments.

If you are still wondering about cabling you can speak with a cabling expert for more information. If you are looking for network cabling solutions for your business, contact a CPI representative to discuss your options.

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