CPI - Virtual Technology

What is Virtual Technology?

Virtualization creates a virtual version of technology that has a physical presence, such as a desktop or server. Rather than having a dedicated server for each business function, you can create virtual servers that all live within a single place. The purpose of virtual technology is to optimize usage and storage while improving access to your systems.

Not only does virtualization allow you to create multiple virtual machines, but it also allows you to run multiple operating systems simultaneously. Virtual Technology can be broken down into the following four categories:

Virtual Desktop

Desktop virtualization is one of the ways to implement virtual technology. Companies that have remote employees greatly benefit from granting access to a specific computer from anywhere in the world. This essentially allows user virtualization within your network because it grants access to individual desktops, remotely.

Virtual Server

This solution is popular for web hosting because it grants the same functionalities of a dedicated server with the ability to run multiple operating systems from a single location. Each virtual server can be rebooted without affecting the other virtual servers. In addition, each virtual server has its own software and operating system that run simultaneously with the other servers.

Virtual Network

You can run your network and data center through the cloud using network virtualization. This enhances security while allowing you to run all applications as you previously would have. Without using physical resources, your company can run business operations more efficiently with easy scalability through virtual technology.

Virtual Storage

With storage virtualization, you can completely separate your hardware and storage software. This allows you to update hardware as technology improves without compromising your data. In this age of rapidly advancing technology, it is important to have flexibility within company hardware solutions which promotes the scalability of any business.

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