Small Business IT Support

Small Business IT Support

Company leaders and executives face the challenge of deciding which option is best. Especially when it comes to small business IT support. From in-house IT technicians to outsourced IT support, the options continue to grow. Managed IT services have expanded the possibilities even more because of the affordable resources now available for SMBs. Take a look at some of the options available to determine which is best for your small business.

In-House IT Department

Some may say it’s best to keep everything in house, but this decision comes with a price. In order to ensure that your technology is going to be handled by qualified professionals who are trained to handle all different aspects; you will need to hire individuals with specific certifications, skill sets, and technology experience. It is best to have individuals who specialize in certain areas, but in this case you would need to hire a suite of experts. The average salary for a technical expert continues to rise as technology becomes more vital in all organizations.

Staff Augmentation

When it comes to a certain project or technical need, you may consider staff augmentation. This allows you to add a certain technical expert or needed skill for a period of time. Staff augmentation utilizes existing talent within your company while filing in the technical gaps to complete the project at hand.

Managed Services

One of the most affordable options for small business IT support is managed services. MSP’s are offering monthly packages that allows businesses to have peace-of-mind knowing their technology costs won’t increase, no matter what happens. Managed service providers use a fixed-fee pricing model which remains consistent from month to month. It’s important to work with MSPs who use this model. So take a proactive approach towards fixing problems before they occur by monitoring technology 24/7.

Small business IT support comes in many forms and can look different for each business. After evaluating the options, it’s clear that managed services is the most reliable and affordable option. There’s no cheaper way to access the array of talent, skills, and expertise that you have access to through a managed service provider. To learn more about hiring an MSP and to find out what’s included in a monthly service package, contact a CPI representative here

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