CPI - Relocation Plan

Before Moving a Data Center

Before moving a data center, businesses should understand that it is a complex project that requires planning in advance. Many companies underestimate the work involved with data center migration. Besides internal preparation, outside support from IT professionals is highly advised during a relocation. A recent survey conducted by Datum shows that businesses would like more support during data center migrations.

Take a look at the following list of best practices to ensure a timely move that doesn’t have to cost more than it should with proper planning. If you need additional support or guidance, seek an IT professional to assist with planning, design, implementation, and relocation.

Pay attention to the data

The hardware is not the only thing that needs to make it to the new location in one piece. Data itself can be lost or damaged during a move which is why it is important to work with your IT company prior to the move. Your data should be protected, archived, monitored, and backed up before the relocation.

Do not overload with additional projects

Relocating a data center takes up a lot of resources and can be time-consuming as well. It is important to focus on each step of the move without distractions, such as other projects or moves. Relocation is a complex event and will only become more complicated with the addition of other projects.

Plan beforehand

You should begin planning for the office move months in advance. Make sure it does not conflict with any internal events and also make sure your IT vendors are available to assist as well. You should contact your IT company for guidance during the planning phase in order to create a smooth transition and receive expert support.

Create an equipment inventory

Make sure you have a list of all your equipment before you begin unplugging anything. Keep record of all hardware; especially if you have new equipment that may not be accounted for in your last inventory check. It will be beneficial to label your equipment to identify what will go and what will stay.

Evaluate vendors

Take this opportunity to assess the contracts you have with current vendors and replace the ones who have not been performing to your expectations. You also need to make sure that contracts and coverage will still apply once you move locations. You can use the move to try out new services or negotiate new contracts with your vendors.

There is a lot that goes into a data center move from the planning to the execution. Make sure you have enough man power and support for an easy relocation. Take into consideration the cost and time that is required for a move and begin preparing well in advance to avoid delays and additional costs. Reach out to us if you are planning on relocating your data center or need cabling support.

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