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What Type of Software Solution Does Your Company Need?

As a business leader, operating your company more efficiently while also having the capability to scale is paramount, especially if your business is in its early stages. Challenging decisions arise, such as whether you should invest in long-term initiatives and partnerships or take a more careful and methodical approach. Purchasing software to provide efficiencies and scalability often presents this situation as companies wrestle with the idea of “build vs. buy” when addressing their software needs.

Packaged Software Options

Many companies, especially start-ups, implement packaged software in an effort to save money. Packaged software also has a much faster implementation, allowing companies to hit the ground running. However, they often find that the lack of customization needed to support their operations leads to inefficient and manual processes. These gaps can became more pronounced and impact a company’s ability to scale as business increases. As a result, many are forced to invest in software again much sooner than expected in order to obtain needed features.

Packaged software will generally address many core functionalities. However, if you are a niche organization with a unique workforce, proprietary operations or specialized needs, packaged software can lack features that would provide your business with its exact needs and likely will contain unnecessary features for your business. The vast majority of packaged software will not allow you to modify its functionality or introduce preferences. It may be difficult to add new features or subtract mandated features. This often results in workaround manual solutions or interfaced software. A packaged software option may also lack compatibility with your other systems, such as time-keeping or accounting software. This is something to consider as you choose a software solution.

Packaged software options work well for businesses that are willing to spend the time to learn how to use them within their current business processes. With the cost savings and ability to get started with a new software solution, it is no wonder many businesses choose to implement a packaged software option.

Custom Software Options

Custom software can offer more flexibility for your business, among other benefits. Increased productivity is one benefit any business owner could use. Programs that are specifically designed with your technical requirements can enable your team to work faster and more efficiently. You can remove unnecessary prompts to speed up data entry. You can customize menus so that only needed tasks are available, minimizing confusion and training. You can even custom design your database so that you are capturing what you feel are the necessary elements that are critical to your business.

Your company can also benefit from the competitive advantage custom software can offer. When your organization is using the same packaged software as your competitors, it can be more difficult to outperform them. By designing and developing your own software solutions, you have an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage. That advantage grows as your organization adopts and invests more in your proprietary systems.

Partnering with a quality software development group allows you to respond to opportunities and regulations quickly, giving your organization greater agility. Custom software developers provide your business with the tools it needs to meet the ever-changing demands of today’s marketplace. For instance, say there is a major technology shift or new regulations are introduced and you need to capture data immediately for compliance. Perhaps a new law was passed that suddenly opens up a new market for your business. Having a software development commando unit at your disposal to can help you take advantage of this opportunity.

A custom software company works with organizations to analyze their own internal processes and build a software solution that is entirely tailored to the way they do business. If you are considering purchasing a new software option for your business, give us a call. At CPI Solutions, we follow industry standard development practices and methodologies.

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