CPI - VoIP System

Why Choose a VoIP System for Your Business?

To put it simply, a VoIP system allows you to utilize the internet as a medium for phone calls. This is done by sending voice data using IP instead of an analog phone line. This method has many benefits, especially compared to a traditional system. An IP-based communication system increases efficiency by simplifying your businesses’ communication tools and encouraging collaboration among employees.  Providing remote access to an entire communication system makes it easier for employees to stay connected. In addition, an IP-based system allows you to better secure your network and data.

Flat Rate, Unlimited Use

VoIP provides you a reliable system with the same quality of a land line. It costs less but includes beneficial features such as caller ID and conference calling. You receive unlimited calling with no hidden fees, just a standard flat rate. It doesn’t make sense to stick with an old phone system when this innovative technology saves money, increases efficiency, and guarantees quality.

Easy to Scale

You can easily expand and add more numbers or lines without the hassle of upgrading your system or worrying about hardware. Unlike a traditional phone system, all you need to do to add more phones is simply add more phones. You can have simultaneous calls without paying for more lines.

Complete Integration and Unified Communication

Your employees can connect their phone system, email, fax, instant messaging, and more. All communication aspects are integrated through a VoIP system which enhances communication throughout the office. Unified Communication makes inter-office connectivity among employees more seamless while allowing remote accessibility. This gives your employees the ability to work from anywhere and remain connected even if they are not in the office.

Increase Your Bottom Line

You can enjoy the benefits of a business grade solution for a fraction of the cost of a traditional phone system. A VoIP system makes sense for a businesses’ bottom line. It allows more to happen around the office by connecting people and establishing a quality communication channel. Replace a two-line connection with a conference call including your entire team.

A system like this combines multiple features into one service. Voice, data, and video do not have to be managed separately, but can easily be connected to create a comprehensive system. To learn more about implementing a phone system and solution like this, reach out to us to receive a free quote today.

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