Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Why Cybersecurity Awareness Training is Critical

The cybersecurity threat landscape is continually evolving, making it critical for organizations to move with speed and avert potential disaster. Cybercriminals are working overtime to gain access to the repository of data your organization is holding. Losing data is a severe body blow to every business in terms of the cost of recovery, regulatory fines, and a damaged reputation.

One way of mitigating such consequences is through security awareness training for your staff. Investing in staff training is a worthy business outlay considering that employee errors cause 90 percent of data breaches.

In this article, find out more about cybersecurity awareness training and why training staff on cybersecurity is critical to your business.

What is Cybersecurity Awareness Training?

Cybersecurity awareness training entails educating employees about the range of cybersecurity threats that your organization might face. It also involves training on the policies for addressing such threats.

Cybersecurity awareness training helps businesses mitigate the risk of attacks and inspire a culture of security compliance. Ultimately, your data security comes down to how well your staff is trained to handle contingencies.

Why is Cybersecurity Awareness Training Important?

Conducting cybersecurity awareness training is critical for the following five reasons.

Enhance Organizational Resilience Against Cyber Threats

Cyber threats are diverse and constantly changing as cybercriminals come up with novel ways of penetrating your computer systems. Bringing your staff up to speed with the current threat landscape is critical for building up your company’s resilience. Knowledgeable employees will be better prepared to prevent attacks and better in enabling your business to recover quickly in the unfortunate event of a successful attack.

Create a Shift in Mindset Among Employees

Cybersecurity is often misconstrued to be a domain of the CIO and the IT staff. The consequence of this perception is that the rest of the organizational staff exhibit little interest in cybersecurity. Cybersecurity Awareness Training transforms such mindsets and makes cybersecurity everyone’s responsibility.

Generate Buy-in Towards Security Initiatives

Cybersecurity policies and procedures require frequent updating to better respond to emerging threats. Sunsetting old policies and introducing new ones demand meticulous onboarding. Generating support and commitment from staff is critical in achieving compliance with the extra measures and surviving cyber-attacks.

Demonstrate Regulatory Compliance

The compliance landscape is highly fluid as governments put measures in place to protect their citizen’s private data. Regular audits by regulators will reveal staff training gaps as most compliance regulations such as HIPAACCPA, and PCI mandate security training for employees. Conducting cybersecurity awareness training is a clear indicator that your business takes data security seriously.

Reduce Human Error

Few errors are as costly as cyber-related mishaps. With new concepts such as BYOD and WFH becoming commonplace, threats to organizational data increases. Cybersecurity Awareness Training enables your employees to become conscious of probable data breaches. The result is fewer cybersecurity vulnerabilities to your valuable information.

Final Word

Cybersecurity awareness training is a core activity that every business minding about its data security needs to undertake. Your data security systems may be robust and up to date but without the extra layer of a well-groomed workforce, it will count for little during the hour of need.

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