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Why Los Angeles Businesses Should Use Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is taking over both the personal and professional worlds in Los Angeles. The benefits of cloud computing are becoming more evident and companies are moving entirely to the cloud. The difference between cloud computing and traditional computing is the location of data storage. Traditionally, data was stored using on premise servers that take up physical space in the office. Cloud computing eliminates the need for hardware because all data is stored and accessed over the Internet.

The benefits of cloud computing greatly improve operational agility and increase efficiency. Los Angeles businesses are migrating to the cloud in order to cut costs, improve security, and prevent data loss. From using a hybrid cloud to fully migrating to the cloud, businesses are able to maximize their resources.

Flexibility & Scalability

Whether you are moving, growing, expanding, or down-sizing, cloud computing offers full flexibility. We work with you to deliver the solutions that best fit your company; no matter what size and can scale with your company as you grow. With fluctuating bandwidth demands, cloud computing solutions eliminate the need to switch machines as your needs change.

Increased Efficiency & Collaboration

Cloud computing enables employees to access documents, programs, and applications from any location. Not only does this create easy access, but also allows employees to work from any location. Remote accessibility increases collaboration by allowing employees to work together without being in the same location. It also reduces redundancy and confusion caused by emailing documents back and forth by providing a centralized network that allows everyone to see the same version of the files they are editing and sharing.

Data Protection & Disaster Recovery

The risk of natural disasters in Los Angeles, such as fires and earthquakes, increases the risk of data loss and hardware damage. Cloud computing completely eliminates this risk because your data will no longer be stored in physical servers on premise. In addition, network security is improved and you don’t have to invest in expensive data recovery systems because it is included your SaaS solution.

Time and cost savings aside, the benefits of cloud computing allow you to run your business more efficiently, use resources wisely, and protect your data effectively. By partnering with a cloud service provider, you will have access to enterprise level technology and expert technicians, which provides you with a competitive advantage.

If you want to take your business to the next level, increase efficiency, and utilize excellent technical resources and experts, it’s time to move to the cloud.


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