CPI - Why SharePoint?

Why Top Companies are using Microsoft SharePoint

Top companies are using Microsoft SharePoint to increase efficiency and online collaboration. Microsoft SharePoint has a variety of uses that different companies can take advantage of to bring value to their business. More than 75% of Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft SharePoint as a platform to increase operational agility and utilize SharePoint consultants to maximize efficiency.

While there are many applications of Microsoft SharePoint, the platform makes it easier for employees to work together and accomplish more in less time. SharePoint offers a platform for employees to work on projects, organize documents, and store files. It creates an inter-connectivity among employees and improves organization. Employees are able to access, store, and display information easier than ever.


With one platform that contains everything, employees have a central point to work from. The interface is user friendly and the platform can be easily navigated. In addition, it allows file sharing outside of your organization while ensuring network safety.


Each organization can customize their dashboard with color schemes, logos, and any desired branding. SharePoint developers help create the platform that you need with the features that you want. The content management system in SharePoint makes it easy to make changes and alter content on your website.


Employees can work together from any location through Microsoft SharePoint. Communication is simpler because a single platform makes it possible to comment on files, share notes, and view the most current version of a document. The platform can also be used to make announcements, share upcoming events, and display a unified calendar.


Since everyone is working off of the same platform, there will not be duplicate files, multiple versions, or hundreds of emails to sort through. The simplistic and unified platform increases efficiency by making everything available in one place with file history and context availability so that all users are on the same page.

From organized file sharing to website content management, Microsoft SharePoint provides businesses with a tool for success. Every organization implements SharePoint differently but there’s one thing top companies have in common, utilizing SharePoint in some way. To determine how Microsoft SharePoint will add the most value to your business, set up a free consultation. If you currently use Microsoft SharePoint and want to ensure you are getting the most out of your investment, take advantage of our free SharePoint Health Check or reach out for more information.

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