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Why Your Business Needs a Network Operations Center (NOC)

Does your business use a NOC team? A Network Operations Center (NOC) is a highly specialized group of engineers that handles monitoring, maintenance, and troubleshooting that most IT technicians cannot. Having access to a NOC team is an incredible advantage to any business.

What exactly does a NOC do? The engineers that make up a NOC team are responsible for most everything related to maximizing uptime within a business’s network. From around-the-clock monitoring for network issues to troubleshooting a variety of incidents and managing desktops, NOC teams are comprised of highly skilled and versatile engineers. Typically they will monitor for any issues in a network in order to proactively deal with problems before they cause a company to experience any downtime.

Most NOC engineers have advanced certifications and experience working with a wide variety of networking methods and equipment. Rather than being a “Jack of All Trades” with IT issues, their main skills and experience center around networking. Most of the time, you can find them working for large organizations, at data centers, and with Managed Services providers. Oftentimes, smaller organizations will not have the need for a full-time NOC engineer, so they will typically hire an IT technician or team that has knowledge of and experience with networking. While this may work for most issues, having access to a true NOC engineer or team provides many more benefits, such as maximum productivity and uptime. NOC engineers will usually be able to solve a network problem much faster than the average IT technician, resulting in less downtime for a business.

What if your business doesn’t have its own NOC team or use a data center? That’s where a great Managed Services provider comes in. Since MSPs manage and maintain the entire IT environment of other companies, they have staff available to handle any issue that should present itself within the IT infrastructure. Having a NOC team is essential to providing 24x7x365 monitoring and alerting for all of a Managed Services provider’s customers. An organization that is large enough to have its own network, but too small to maintain an internal staff for IT, should consider working with a Managed Services provider. Not only does this give a company access to such specialized networking engineers, but MSPs have other expert staff to handle other areas of an IT environment.

Are you intrigued by the advantages to having a specialized team dedicated to ensuring your network is always up and running? If so, reach out to us. At CPI Solutions, our NOC team is experienced in providing the highest quality monitoring and service to organizations just like yours.


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