Why Your Competition is Embracing Managed Services

Why Your Competition is Embracing Managed Services

You’re always watching what your competition is up to, and lately you’ve noticed they are faster at solving problems, seem to have a better online presence, and are always ahead of the curve with their technical capabilities. What are they doing to improve their technical capacity? It is likely your competitor is operating with a Managed Services provider. More and more companies are electing to outsource all or part of their IT operations in order to take advantage of the many perks Managed IT can offer. Here’s why your competition has entered the realm of IT bliss through Managed Services.

Managed IT eliminates the break/fix mentality.

Being reactive instead of proactive is a recipe for business inefficiency, and that goes for your IT department. If your staff is constantly responding to issues rather than monitoring for them before they occur, you may want to outsource. Managed Services providers are always on the offensive with technical problems and create a more stable IT environment for your business.

They face less downtime.

Just as we said above, MSPs will monitor for issues before they cause an outage at your business. Downtime costs businesses thousands of dollars every year, so why not eliminate this issue with a Managed Services contract?

There is a growing need for scalability and app flexibility.

As organizations find other ways to scale to their business operations, IT must follow suit. Likewise, business applications must be available for more or less users as needed. Managed IT services helps in the process of scaling your environment to fit your needs.

They are saving money.

Your competition has already figured out that it saves money to have a Managed Services contract. Most contracts will include everything you need for less than the cost of maintaining your own IT staff.

Their productivity improves.

With less downtime and day-to-day IT issues, companies are experiencing higher productivity and user satisfaction among their employees.

They experience more security.

With all of the security breaches we read about on a weekly basis, it is no wonder many business are looking for more security in their networks and for their data. Managed Services providers offer stronger security measures to protect your information.

They have access to specialized technicians and engineers.

The skills range that is accessible through an MSP is unmatched in most IT departments. You can find highly experienced and qualified engineers working at any Managed Services company, and those employees are available to ensure your systems are working well every day.

Their IT leaders are less overwhelmed.

CIOs and other high-level IT managers are inundated with requests from above and below – tighter security, better phones, faster internet, and more reliable applications are just a few items they may deal with on a daily basis. Managed Services allows them to worry less about day-to-day IT activities and focus on these strategic projects for your business.

Don’t let your competition have the leg up on your business. Contact us to learn about how your organization can take advantage of these benefits with a reliable and caring Managed Services provider.

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