IT Staff Leaving

Why Your IT Staff Keeps Leaving

Have you lost yet another member of your IT staff recently? Perhaps it was one of the best employees on your team? Most organizations have high turnover among IT staff, and the problem only seems to be getting worse. If you’ve tried everything to figure out how to get your employees to stay, then it may be time to take a look at the bigger picture for your business. Here are a few potential reasons why your IT staff is leaving your company:

1. Another company has offered them an increase in pay or better benefits.

Your staff are likely being recruited by manufacturers and agencies with the promise of better pay, remote work, more time off, and more flexibility. Some of these companies have the budgets to guarantee these perks, especially for top performers. Also, many employees would jump at the chance to work for a well-known company within the technology field. These factors make it tough for businesses to compete to keep these sought-after employees in-house.

2. They are overwhelmed.

Many organizations just do not understand the amount of pressure that IT staff is under to ensure that technology continues to run and power the business. Executives may also be less inclined to hire more staff or purchase system upgrades that would help their IT departments manage their environments more effectively. For this reason, IT staff may quickly move on to another business or a company in the technology sector that understands these concerns.

3. They don’t feel they are learning or building skills.

It is unfortunate, but oftentimes working in a company’s internal IT department can impose a lack of opportunities to learn new systems and build skills. Staff may become bored by working on the same issues repeatedly, especially if there are no plans in place to eliminate the break/fix mentality which keeps staff focused on daily problems rather than strategic initiatives. Many staff may consider moving on to an opportunity where they can learn more and build on their skills and expertise.

These are just a few of the reasons that IT staff leave a business. The truth is that high-performing IT employees are in demand. It is very difficult to compete with start-ups that have interesting perks, manufacturers and established tech giants that have brand recognition, and larger businesses with more disposable income. The best way for SMBs to continue to receive the best technical support is to partner with a Managed Services Provider.

MSPs maintain a staff comprised of a variety of engineers, help desk technicians, and specialists in business-grade technologies. The next time one of your IT employees leaves, use this as an opportunity to connect with a leading Managed Services provider. You will likely find that the high cost of employee turnover will be much greater than an outsourcing contract. Eliminating the headache of managing this department in-house can be a huge benefit to your business.

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