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Are Your Company's Credentials On The Dark Web?

In today’s technology-intensive world, your critical business assets are more vulnerable than ever before. To help keep your most sensitive information safe, we are offering a complimentary, one-time scan with Dark Web ID Credential Monitoring. With over 80,000+ emails compromised daily, there is an urgency to manage and monitor your online activity at all times. With a complimentary scan, our immediate response team will detect compromised credentials and alert you immediately.
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Automated alerts and management offers 24x7x365 detection and instant notifications from our top-notch incident management team and rapid security software.

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Real Time Data

With Dark Web monitoring, your company gets the benefit of real-time data in order to adjust and increase business performance. Make accurate changes.

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Our in-house technicians monitor your devices, safeguarding your sensitive information from any unwanted guests, malicious activity or cyber threats.

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Find out where your crucial data really lies and whose hands have control over your sensitive information. Stop being vulnerable and start securing your data today!

Dark Web Monitoring

Detect Compromised Credentials

Before your business can experience identity theft, data breaches or other cyber crimes, take the proactive steps in confirming your data is secure and protected. Dark Web ID reports 80,000+ business emails are compromised daily. The 24/7/365 monitoring tool allows your business to be alerted when malicious activities occur. Don't wait for your business to be hit by a cyber breach! Take proactive measures in ensuring a strong data protection and layers of security.
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Small to medium-sized businesses get targeted by hackers due to their lack of security protocols, as well as large files of sensitive information on clients and users. Digital credentials such as usernames and passwords connect you and your employees to critical business applications and online services. In order to prevent a cyber crime or malicious activity, you must secure your most valuable assets found on the web. Every day a new ransomware or phishing mechanism is used by hackers in order to steal your data and gain access to your online activity. Get started today with a free Dark Web Scan to ensure your most valuable information is secure.