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Distributed Antenna System

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Full-coverage, indoor,

and outdoor solutions

We understand the importance of communication in the workplace and the role technology plays in being able to interact.

Why make employees step outside for a critical phone call or search for signal on the rooftop?

With a distributed antenna system, the quality and coverage of signal around the office will increase efficiency through clear communication channels.

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Benefits of a Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

Improved Singal

Employees have better communication signal to conduct important business calls

More Defined Coverage

You no longer have to wonder which areas will have strong coverage throughout your building

Cost Savings

You will use less energy and save more money because of the lower power level to transmit signals

Productive Staff

A strong DAS will make employees and staff more productive which benefits the bottom line


distributed antenna system site survey

1. Survey

At CPI, we perform a survey to analyze your current environment, then create a solution that is cost-effective.

2. Design

The design stage highly determines the overall cost of your project, which is why it’s important to have experienced engineers build out the best distributed antenna system for you.

DAS design los angeles distributed antenna system
das distributed antenna system installation san diego das distributed antenna system installation los angeles

3. Install

When installing your DAS, we take into consideration all of the obstacles that may be present during this stage to safely and effectively deliver a quality solution.

4. Maintain

In order to maintain optimal performance of your DAS, we address all factors, such as expansion and renovations, that can effect user-experience as well as the overall distributed antenna system.

los angeles distributed antenna system maintenance

Industries Served



With almost every student having a cell phone, service in the schools is critical not only for communication, but also for success in the education system


Efficient, reliable communication is important for patients to update their families as well as for doctors to stay connected throughout facilities
Sports & Venues

Sports & Venues

Staying connected throughout the game is important to fans and attendees as well as for the stadium to create extra revenue opportunities through connectivity
Retail & Shopping Malls

Retail & Shopping Malls

Shoppers are constantly using their phones throughout their experience whether its to make a mobile purchase or stay connected while shopping


Information is constantly flowing between people and machines which can cause unique challenges regarding overall communication flow


Universal connectivity is critically important in government operations from first responders to enhanced access of government records



Guests expect an excellent broadband experience which can highly influence their decision making process between hotels



Transportation challenges are uniquely complicated due to underground terminals, tunnels, security implications, and the large number of people wanting to connect
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