CPI provides Window Server Solutions with SQL Server 2016.
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SQL Server 2016

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SQL Server Solutions

Breakthrough Performance & Solutions

SQL Server 2016 is the most trusted database on the market providing subsidized deployment services to kick-start your business migration. The mission critical OLTP is built-in to deliver high performance in security, storage and end-to-end mobile BI.
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Comprehensive Features

Advanced Security

Built-in security and protection, allows your business to take advantage of securing your data from operating system to data center.


Leading Analytics

Real-time data allows your business to stay up-to-date with the speed of your analytics directly within the SQL Server database.

Industry leading

Progressive Growth

With breakthrough performance, availability and scalability, your intelligent apps for OLTP benefit your long-term business growth.

Reliable & Efficient

End-to-end Mobile BI

With SQL Server solutions, your business benefits from actionable insights by transforming data from any device - online or offline - at a cost effective price.

SQL Server Solutions

Migrate to Microsoft SQL Server 2016

SQL Server solutions allow your business to migrate easily with no hassles. All the added perks of SQL Servers keep your business ahead of the competition. New features such as Row-Level Security, Always Encrypted and Dynamic Data Masking, provides your business with advance database solutions.
SQL Server 2016
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Run SQL Servers On Your Favorite Platform

Modernize your business IT infrastructure and applications with Windows Server solutions. With additional layers of protection and advanced IT capabilities, business performance and productivity increases rapidly. This operating system allows your business to bridge on-premise environments and have complete control over your data. Visibility and access to your data is easier than ever with Windows Server solutions.