IT consulting services specializing in network infrastructure, virtualization, unified communications, data center and Microsoft solution services with programs in NetConsult.
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Our NetConsult Program

Designed to accommodate your IT needs when you need it most, our NetConsult Program provides companies with a team of highly qualified engineers to install, integrate, upgrade and maintain all business critical systems within an IT environment.

Supplementing your current IT staff with the expertise of CPI’s engineers ensures the success of your company’s IT infrastructure and support it needs.

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NetConsult Program

Technical Area of Focus

Quality Engineering

IT Infrastructure

Our NetConsult work with Cisco, Citrix and Microsoft infrastructures, assisting with computer networking solutions from network architecture to mission critical systems.


Data Center

Our specialized team of engineers provide data protection and data recovery for your IT network. Server consolidation, virtualization & storage are a few of the high quality services provided by our engineers.

Proactive 24x7x365

IT Security

Our real-time 24x7x365 IT network security detects and alerts you immediately. With enterprise-level backup and data protection, your IT infrastructure remains secure and protected.


Unified Communications

Our NetConsult Program provides a platform for collaboration for a stream of business processes and communication - enabling your employees to be better connected and more productive.

NetConsult Program

Your IT Goals at Your Pace

The NetConsult Program gives companies the confidence that IT projects and scheduled maintenance can succeed without having to worry about staffing a single IT specialist. Our team of qualified and highly specialized engineers provide small and medium-sized businesses with significant IT solutions. Our enterprise-level engineers provide ongoing and on demand IT support for your ever-changing IT infrastructure.

NetConsult Program



A Bucket of Roll Over Hours

No need to worry about budget overages, employee turnover or a lack of staff expertise. Your hours are rolled over and saved for future plans and initiatives.


On-Demand Project Assistance

With the ability to adapt to the demands during busy times or project deadlines, CPI enables companies to adjust their workforce to meet their ever-changing needs.


Specialized Technical Experts

Our NetConsult program provides specialized IT skill sets, allowing for access to a wide variety of highly knowledgeable and diverse engineers.


Successful IT Implementation

Supplementing your current IT staff with the expertise of CPI’s engineers ensures the success of your company’s IT infrastructure and support needs.

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Start Your NetConsult Journey

Our NetConsult Program allows your business to grow within your industry to gain a competitive advantage in growth, stability and proximity. Our core areas of focus improve companies success with their IT infrastructure, data center, usability and scalability. Start your NetConsult journey today and grow with the evolving technology around you.