Cyber security services allows proactive and secure protection against cyber breaches and attacks, including Dark Web ID scans and disaster recovery against ransomware, with programs in NetSecure.
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Our NetSecure Program

Designed with proactive solutions, our NetManage Program regulates your network infrastructure. In today’s competitive business world, access to important applications and data cannot be compromised.

Our team of local engineers take pride in maintaining an SLA up time of 99.999%. NetManage Complete program not only re-actively solves any problems that might occur but also proactively prevents problems from arising through the use of systems monitoring, hosted and managed antivirus, email protection, and the patching of workstations and servers.

NetSecure programs enhance security and protection for your IT network.
NetSecure Program

Highlights & Features

Quality Support

Customer Satisfaction

For 30 yrs our dedicated engineers in our 4 So-Cal locations, provide quality IT support and services from Ventura & Pasadena to LA & SD.

Local Engineers

Certified Technicians

With no offshore support, our in-house team of certified and local technicians remain available for immediate response and solutions.

SLA guarantees

Immediate Response

From severe, critical issues to moderate performance impact and scheduled tasks, emergency on-site response is always available.


Remote & Onsite Support

CPI help desk technicians remain live and local in order to provide top-notch support for your business in a both timely and consistent manner.

Our NetManage Programs

Securing Your IT Network

With both NetManage Complete & NetManage Essential programs, you no longer need to worry about the security or performance of your IT infrastructure. Our programs work to prevent attacks and recover your business from any disaster with server backup and patching. Our comparison chart reflects the key features that separate our NetManage programs. With extensive monitoring and emergency response, our expertise and solutions are industry leading.

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NetSecure Program

Proven Process

Unlimited Support Services

Live Help Desk Response Team

Our highly skilled and knowledgeable IT engineers are available locally 24x7x365. Complete IT support is an essential element for your business success and growth.

Planning & Consulting

Strategic IT Business Roadmap

Our NetManage program provides specialized IT skill sets, allowing for individual unique business plans associated with your industry for a competitive advantage.

24x7x365 Alerting

Proactive System Monitoring

With proactive system monitoring and alerting, malicious threats and unwanted visitors are eliminated for high quality IT management and assistance.

Threat Protection

Advanced Network Security

The NetManage program not only works to prevent any attacks from new malware but have the capabilities to recover from any disaster with server backup and patching.

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Our NetSecure Program allows your business to grow within your industry for a competitive advantage in growth, profit and proximity. Our core highlights provide live help desk response, strategic IT business plan, proactive system monitoring and advanced network security.