Odoo Open
Source ERP

Track leads, close opportunities
and get accurate forecasts.
Odoo Open Source

Clean and dynamic statements

Customized reports just for you!

Create reports such as cash flow statements or earnings sheets. Easily navigate your reports to compare data.

open source erp statement
open source crm and erp platform

Take advantage of amazing features

Use our tools for success

Bank Synchronization


Manage Bills & Expenses

Improve efficiency and performance

Use our inventory system to increase organization

Take advantage of Odoo’s double entry inventory system that improves operations by allowing stock moves between locations.

Odoo Open source ERP

Use our Timesheet to support your workflows and get things done quickly!

open source crm and erp platform

Efficiency is key!

open source crm and erp interface

Accomplish more!

open source crm and erp Odoo

Complete tasks fast!

Our time-sheets integrate with other apps to fit perfectly into your workflow

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Discover your growth potential

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