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Our Process

We understand the importance of communication in the workplace and the role technology plays in being able to interact. Whether full coverage, indoor or outdoor solutions, our Public Safety DAS services strengthen cellular signals.

With a distributed antenna system, the quality and coverage of signal around the office will increase efficiency through clear communication channels.

Public Safety DAS
DAS Service
Distributed Antenna System

Our DAS Service Steps


Site Survey

Our accredited installation team visits your site to perform a site walk in order to provide an accurate quote and appropriate expectations.

DAS Design

Design stage determines overall cost, which is why it’s important to have experienced engineers build out the best DAS for your business.


Our engineers take into consideration all of the obstacles that may be present during this stage to safely & effectively deliver a quality solution.

Optimal Performance

To maintain optimal performance, our IT support team maintains & renovates your network for guaranteed high-quality DAS performance.

Public Safety DAS Solutions

Strengthen Your Cellular Signal

Our DAS solutions offer consistent optimal performance. At CPI, our expert installers are certified, licensed, bonded and insured for capability in installing any DAS system in nearly any situation. We verify the boosted signals by continually running checks across your business site and ensuring your phones receive it. Anything you need, you can follow up with our in-house support staff, 24x7x365. There's no longer a need to step outside for a critical phone call or search for signal on a rooftop, our DAS solutions maximize coverage.

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Distributed Antenna System

Benefits of DAS

High Quality

Improved Signal

Our DAS services provide your business with boosted signal throughout your site and allows for an effective user-friendly experience and environment.

Improved & Advanced

Defined Coverage

With over a decade of experience, our IT engineers configure and install cellular coverage enhancement systems to boost your IT network operations and performance.

Immediate & Effective

Cost Savings

Most cellular distributed antenna systems costs are through the roof, however our DAS solutions come at a fraction of the cost; creating a cost effective solution.

Local & Live

Productive Staff

Our in-house IT support team provides and maintains optimal performance with consistent availability 24x7x365 for your immediate IT needs and services.

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Our DAS services address all factors, such as expansion and renovations that can affect user-experience as well as the overall distributed antenna system. Connectivity to an IT network using DAS services and solutions are rapidly gaining ground as a scalable affordable technology solution for all organizations. Get ahead of your competition, improve your business's signal strength, network capacity and coverage with our DAS solutions.