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Our unified communication and collaboration solutions offer computing systems from Cisco, Microsoft, ShoreTel and LifeSize. Our expert consultants and deployment engineers ensure your business communication technologies are integrated and optimized to run in the most efficient way possible.
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Unified communications solutions and systems

Communication Tools

Interactive Collaborations

Using collaboration tools deliver effective user experiences. Tools such as IP telephony for web, calling and video conferencing, desktop sharing, voice mail, mobility, instant messaging and presence.

Managed & Deployed

Midsize Solutions

Our unified communication services allow for efficient day-to-day operations for midsize businesses, such as product support services, utility services, security and cloud-based storage.

Fast & Secure

Data Sharing

Easily upload and automatically transfer your data for an increase in productivity and ease in your day-to-day business operations. Data sharing services save time and increase discoverability to help share files.

Reduced Risk

Managed Applications

To ensure your applications are secure and monitored, our unified communication services can include continual disaster recovery plan and managed support services. Voice-over-IP gateways and multimedia applications remain secure.

Unified communication solutions and services
Communication & Collaboration

Integrated Communications throughout Southern California

Collaboration brings increased benefits for your organization, requiring expert consultants to manage and monitor them. Our integrated communications improve operability, support consistent end-user experience and delivers fast resolutions of issues to improve over-all business performance.
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Evaluate your IT systems and optimize your business operations by partnering with our specialized expert consultants. We help you plan and develop a design for your organization to communicate and collaborate more efficiently, saving time and improving responsiveness. Our UC services are dedicated in quality work and provide satisfaction to all our unified communication clients. Schedule a demo today or contact us about more information on unified collaboration and communication services.