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Virtualization Consulting

With the future of business computing moving increasingly toward virtualization solutions, your business IT environment requires upkeep. Virtual machines provide functionality the same as a physical computer without additional costs and security threats.

With over 14k managed endpoints, our team of virtualization consulting professionals deliver first-class services and solutions to enhance your IT environment.

As we deal with uncertain times and more remote workers each and every day, it is critical to ensure that remote connection to your IT network is protected and secured.

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IT Consulting services including virtualization and unified communications.

Server Virtualization


With our virtualization services, scalability issues are solved by placing control of system resources in the hands of IT technicians, so your business does not need to worry about outgrowing IT systems.

Network Virtualization

Cost Savings

Virtualization has significant advantages over traditional deployment methods financially. Using fewer physical servers allow businesses to maximize utilization and minimize capital spending.

Desktop Virtualization

IT Ease & Control

Deployment becomes easier to manage and faster to control when systems are virtualized. Virtualization platforms provide tools and features that give IT flexibility to successfully manage communication networks.

Storage Virtualization

Improved Uptime

Our team of experienced virtualization consultants and engineers design a storage virtualization solution that simplifies management and administration of the storage environment increasing optimized use.

Virtualization solutions for network and desktop.
Consulting Services

Transform The Way You Utilize Technology

Our team of expert network engineers understand you rely on technology to operate business. Our virtualization services include installation, integration, upgrades and maintenance of the best industry technologies for your business environment. Creating a high speed performance and reduction in costs, our team of experts help you to optimize your servers for lasting quality.
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CPI Solutions has been offering virtualization services for over thirty years and our expert consultants have experience in both building and running virtual environments. Our services enable small to medium-sized businesses to successfully transition from physical to virtual environments by leveraging industry leading consultants, proven methodology and targeted, high-value services that promote the adoption lifecycle of virtualization. Contact one of our IT consultants today for more information on how to improve your business networks into a virtual network.